Wic (amarvincitomnia) wrote in xcrazyxmomxcore,

My mother...

Well, I'm new to the list. And, since I saw atleast two other poepl do this, I figured I would too:

My mother...
...used to slap and hit me on a regular basis (before I got big enough to catch her hand)
...dated men who abused me physically and emotionally
...ignored the letter I gave her when I was in 3rd grade, in which I told her about my then-step brother molesting me
...has "forgotten" about me telling her about my step father locking me out of the house all day in elementary school
...calls me stupid, fat, and lazy
...took money out of my bank account without telling me, and then lied about ever doing it-until i found the bank slip in her purse.
...does drugs that make her unstable and/or abusive.
...threw the silverware drawer at me after a fight about what movie we were going to watch.
...drinks like a fish and then doesn't have money to buy food or pay bills.
...etc. etc. etc.

That's how things have gone for the past 17 years of my existance...

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