stellar_purr (stellar_purr) wrote in xcrazyxmomxcore,

My mother...

- Told everyone she tried to kill herself because I was such a horrible daughter
- Burned me with Kool 100's when I was a child
- Made me throw all my belongings away when I was a child
- Told me she wishes I'd kill myself/she never had me/I'd die
- Told me I'm going to rot in hell
- Constantly says that I can't take care of myself
- Tells me I have no friends
- Constantly tells me how fat I am
- Used to keep me home from school just because
- (in conjuction with my father) used the fact that I moved oncampus at my college as reason to use my credit card and buy a dishwasher...because I "wouldn't be here to do the dishes"
- Has said on many occasions that she "hates me"
- Tells me that I smell
- Used to cut my nails off to the point where they would bleed because she doesn't have fingernails (she chews them compulsively)
- Left me various places (stores, work) and made me walk home
- Stolen my mail
- Accused me of sexing everyone, doing all kinds of drugs, and drinking when I never had done any
- Started fights with my father so that he would take it out on me
- Made me pay for a car before I even had a permit; when I finally got my license, told me I wasn't allowed to drive the car
- Told me to stop talking when I was telling her about a school fieldtrip because the sound of my voice made her want to vomit
- Used to keep my paychecks from the ages of 16 until I was legally allowed to have my own bank account, because she "needed the money"
- Hid her tax information and papers so that I could not fill out my FAFSA/ go to college

I know there's more but here's a start!
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